Theft Claims

RpmOne Theft protection is a part marking anti-theft system. If the customer's vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, RpmOne Theft protection will pay a credit towards a replacement unit. Claims are paid to the selling dealership for the customer's use to purchase the replacement unit. The amount will depend on the coverage limits of the contract.

Steps to File New Claim:

Click on the appropriate link below to download and print the Theft claim reporting form based upon the contract administrator.The GAP claim reporting form must be received within 60 days from date of loss.

If your contract says Rpmone please; Click Here

If your contract says Safe-Guard please; Click Here

Submit additional documents listed below:

  • Copy of vehicle sales invoice, buyer's order or bill of sale.
  • Copy of Theft contract (front & back).
  • Copy of the police report regarding theft/recovery.
  • If insured, copy of insurance company settlement statement and check.

Send all of the above documentation with the claim form to the administrator by fax, mail, or email. The documents must be received within 60 days of loss. If mailing documents through post mail please send with delivery confirmation for your protection. The fax number and address is listed on your corresponding claim form.

After all completed documentation is received and the 30 day waiting period passed, the Warrantor will contact the police to verify recovery. If the vehicle has not been recovered the selling dealer will be issued written notification of the authorized replacement allowance amount.

The selling dealer and unit owner must submit an original bill of sale for the replacement unit to the Warrantor showing the replacement allowance as a credit towards the sale.

After all terms and conditions have been satisfied the Warrantor will issue the authorized payment amount to the selling dealer. Please allow up to an additional 30 days from the end of the waiting period for payment.

Check the status of an existing claim:

Please follow the contact information below based upon the contract administrator. Please have your claim or contract number ready.

If your contract says Rpmone please call 800-559-3168 or email

If your contract says Safe-Guard please call 800-890-7211