Service Contract and/or Priority Maintenance Cancellation

Refer to your contract for details on the cancellation eligibility and guidelines. Click on the appropriate link below to download and print the Service Contract or Priority Maintenance cancellation form. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing of your refund.

If you purchased Extended Service Contract; Click Here

***Priority Maintenance agreements are non-cancellable and non-transferrable. However, if you purchased this agreement at a California dealership or if the unit was financed by American Honda Finance Corp an exception can be made. All other cusotmers will not be eligible for cancellation.

If you purchased a cancellable Priority Maintenance Contract; Click Here

Fax or mail the following documentation to Interstate National Dealer Services:

Mail: Attention: Cancellations
P.O. Box 724785
Atlanta, GA 31139
Fax: 678-894-3558

Please call 678-894-3500 to verify receipt of legible cancellation request. The administrator calculates the refund amount based on the original purchase date and terms as written on the contract.

Refund will be issued to the dealer with the amount to be refunded the borrower and the dealer pays the customer or lien holder.